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The mature sound of 21 year old singer-songwriter Anna Rune from a small town in Belgium, makes it hard to believe that she has only just started her musical career.

After winning Belgium’s national music competition De Kunstbende in 2011 and competing as a finalist in the 2012 edition of Imagine, Anna also had the honour of supporting world renowned Belgian jazz-pianist Jef Neve. And recently, she just won the 4th season of the popular Dutch television show “De Beste Singer-Songwriter Van Nederland” (The Best Singer-Songwriter of The Netherlands).

Anna’s music is replete with drama and atmosphere. Her lyrics are laced with metaphors and subtle riddles about the mysteries of life, love and longing. Her remarkable piano work and her ability to craft notes into audible works of art that both resonate and remain long after the music has stopped, are firm indications that this is an artist we’ll be hearing more from in the near future.

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